Saturday, February 21, 2009

Off blogging duty...temporarily

Between shuffling back and forth from the hospital to have Cally's bilirubin levels checked and settling in at home with Buddy and Ella, I've not had much time for blogging.  

Have a look.
The helpful and attentive big sister.

Cally's first bath at home.

Nice and clean like rice and beans (a little rhyme my sister Poo used to sing for Buddy).

Cally tries out her new bouncy seat.

We have many follow up appointments for Cally spanning over the next several months.  She has to redo her hearing test, and continue to have her blood checked because of her low hemoglobin.  She takes folic acid each day and we've also had appointments in the neonatal jaundice clinic to have her bilirubin level checked every few days.  Her level has gone up slightly, so they are watching that closely.  

We're all settling into a pattern at home, so I hope she can stay home and her bilirubin level doesn't go up so that she needs phototherapy again.  

I'll be back on when things settle.


emily said...

take your time, mama. i know your busy taking good care of that family. we love you.

Putri said...

thanks for posting new (gorgeous) pictures!! she's such a darling girl! i love those two pictures of michael and ella too!! so great! love you

Shan said...

With you all the way. xo

janiece said...

Oh I love the pictures of big sis and Cally in the bouncy seat. So cute! I hope those bili levels stay down.

Anonymous said...

thinking of you all the new pics! and i love the three pics of m, e and c on the that cally has arrived, the little baby face i used to see in ella seems to have disappeared overnight! love you guys. xn

Diane said...

Another BEAUTIFUL person in your family. Cally looks so content to be in all your loving arms. Ella is learning to know her little sistr well & surely, telling her friends all about Cally. Glad you're letting the blog rest with these lovely pics so that YOU can snatch a bit more rest too. Take care - love, Diane

Christian Parmann said...

We are thinking about you guys. Be in the moment with her and Michael and Ella. She looks beautiful and you guys are doing a great job. You find tremendous strength in each other and someone so little. Amazing!

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