Sunday, February 1, 2009

Middle of the night rant

Why is it that just when you think you're making progress and things are going well, you have a set back? What law of nature states that for every step forward you take, you take two or three steps back?

Buddy's new loft bed arrived last night. Late. We put him to sleep in our room and told him we'd transfer him. Ella went to sleep in her room last night. She's been doing pretty well post-pyer. While she woke up at 3-ish for a few nights, I was convinced it was just the lingering congestion from the pukey congestion virus she'd had only last week. The last two nights she'd slept right through till 6:30 in the morning. When she went to bed last night, she was a little disappointed. She kept saying, what's taking the bed so long? We had two excited kids.

So, why then was I looking at both of them in my room at 2:23 in the morning? Why had Buddy woken up twice asking to sleep in our bed? Why had Ella woken twice coughing and crying? Joey put her back to sleep once, but the second time she was inconsolable. And, when I felt her, she felt warm. Could someone just exorcise this congestion out of her chest?

I woke Joey to go lie down with Buddy, who was clearly just excited about his new bed. He slept in Ella's bed and new duvet. I lay awake with Ella for about an hour - though I didn't check the time because I didn't want to know - thinking about the words of this post. Frustrated. Hoping she wasn't getting sick again. Jumpy every time she coughed in case I'd have to clean up vomit.

We all made it to morning, however. Clean. Somewhat rested. And the two kids are very very excited. Buddy keeps saying our room and helping her find new places for her things in their new room. Ella is delighted to see the new loft. She knows tonight he'll be sleeping in the up and she'll be sleeping in the down.

I'll take some pictures to put in a new post later today.


emily said...

ooooh. tonight will be better. it HAS to be. i was nervous last night, too, as nora came down with a bit of the stomach flu, and theo and emmett spent a lot of time at jessica's house this week. it's no fun, when little ones are vomiting! can't wait to see the "up" and "down." love you.

janiece said...

Oh how frustrating for you! Semi sick is the worst because you don't know which was it going to go. Hopefully better!
Right now Chewie and Rauan are sleeping together. It's so darn cute. I think Chewie just wanted the comfort of big brother. I bet you'll see some of that too.

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