Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ready to be a big sister?

We're making progress.  When Ella woke up from her nap today, I made it a point to show her how the tear in her pyer was getting bigger.  We've been telling her that if it's broken, we'd have to throw it away.  Following my chat with Emily about how Theo gave up his pacifier, I decided to go for it.

I tugged at the tear - just slightly - to show her it was really broken and told her it was dangerous.  She asked why so I explained that I didn't want her to choke on her pyer if she sucked on it and it happened to rip some more.  I must have sounded convincing because she didn't argue.  

We decided together that it needed to be thrown away.  She would help me put it in the bin.  Eva was in her room with me, encouraging Ella to throw it away also because big girls don't need them.  When we walked into the kitchen, Joey swung into action and told her we'd have a night of camping in their pop-up tent and s'mores if she could do this.  

We almost got there.  Just when we were standing next to the bin in our kitchen, she got a bit weepy.  So I didn't push her.  I consoled her and told her it was okay, we didn't need to throw it away at that exact moment.  Instead, we set it on the counter near the bin and told everyone that the pyer needed to be thrown away, but it Ella who was going to do it.   We were all clear. 

So we busied ourselves in the living room and decided to get ready for a quick trip to the park.  Any of you with kids know that the actual process of getting out the door can vary in it's length. We had to do a potty check, get socks and jackets on and make a move toward the door.   As we were almost out the door, Ella ran back to the kitchen to check on Joey - making bread to tryout our brand new oven.  

All of a sudden, she announced, I got throw my pyer away!  She went over to the kitchen counter, reached for her broken pyer and tossed it in the bin.  I actually didn't see all this as I was waiting by the door. When I heard what had happened, I raced in to join everyone else in the commotion of congratulating her for the enormous step she'd taken.

So far, so good.  We had a delicious dinner of pork roast, potatoes and cauliflower and s'mores for dessert.  Ella asked for her pyer only once - as we were setting up the tent for bed.  I reminded her that it had broken and asked her what we do with broken things.  It was as if she had simply forgotten and when reminded, she acknowledged with reason that she threw it away.  And that was all we heard.

As I type, the kids are both tucked up in their beds, in the tent in Buddy's room.  Wish us a good night!


janiece said...

What a brave little girl!! Great progress.

emily said...

ooooh, good night, good night, good night! i can't wait to hear all about her first without the pyer. what a big girl. ready to be the big sister, indeed! and, great job, mama. you rock!

Shan said...

When Amaya has her dummy in her mouth I just remind myself that she won't have it in her mouth when she is 18 - I hope! But she will definitely need braces as her front teeth are big bucks!! xo

Norbyah said...

we're going on two nights far so good. she's been waking at about 3 am, but i think it's because she's still coughing. it hasn't been as big an issue as i initially thought!

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