Monday, January 5, 2009

Our little girl

...has turned 3!

Ella spent the morning before her party being primped with her new beauty set by her sweet big brother Michael.  He knew just how special this day was for her and set about with all that he could to make her feel special.  Never once did he complain about all the attention being given to her and not him.  He spent a great deal of time putting all her hair clips in her hair after pretending to put make up on her and blow dry her hair.  The two of them were so gentle with each other and are becoming better companions with each passing day. 

We couldn't have picked better weather for her birthday tea party.  After three days of rainy, cool weather, the sun came out on New Year's day just in time to celebrate.  We decided to have a early party with our lovely neighbours the Halcrows so that my sister PT could celebrate with us before she left the next day to go home to NYC.  Little girl was most excited about her special day having just been through Buddy's birthday.  She knew the drill.  I think she even knew that it was just her party day too.  

As soon as Didi and Lolly arrived with Belinda and Gilbert, she was in full party mode.  She showed everyone to the picnic table up at Nining's set specially with all her favorites - pink balloons, cok-moly and chippys, strawberries, and catch-you nuts.  Belinda made some beautiful little pink butterfly cupcakes for Ella, which were quickly decorated with candles -many more than three!  We sang Happy Birthday pretty early on as Ella was eager to go through all the necessary motions of having a party - fresh in her head from Buddy's party.

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Since the party was up at my mum's house, we were able to do some of Ella's favorite things with her two special friends and Buddy.  We fed the fish -a crowd favorite - blew bubbles, played on the school field and played a game of Simon says.


Ella's real birthday was just as fun.  She announced her new age to just about anyone she encountered and graciously thanked people when they congratulated her.  Joey spent most of the day baking Italian bread and cooking a yummy spaghetti dinner for us.  He also baked AND decorated these gorgeous pink cupcakes for Ella.  Most of the credit for making her day memorable goes to him.  She is really turning into a daddy's girl and he is equally smitten with her.  

Equally important to making her day memorable was Buddy.  From the moment he came into our bed in the morning asking where his little three year old girl was to telling all of us at Pacific Coffee that because it was Ella's birthday, she shouldn't do anything she doesn't want to and then throwing her rubbish away in the bin - he was and is the sweetest big brother Ella could ask for.

At the end of the day, my sister Naem took the camera from me so that we could capture one last family picture before our newest member makes an appearance.

I can hardly believe how much she has grown even in these last two weeks of Christmas holiday and I know in about a month, she'll seem even bigger to me when I hold our new baby.



Shan said...

Happy Birthday to Ella. It looks like it was a most enjoyable day for all. xo

emily said...

what a treat, this jammed-packed, full of photos and memories blog post! you all look wonderful. ella is as gorgeous as her mummy, and buddy handsome like our joey. i love your new bump picture, too. i'll read this over and over and over again.... love you.

emily said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
janiece said...

Oh she looks so sweet and the time does pass quickly. Enjoy it. It seems like yeasterday my princess was turning 3.

Putri said...

porks! i'm so glad i was able to be part of her birthday celebration. i wish i could have seen how doting michael was, but if her party was any indication i know he was the best big brother in the world, sounds like it. i can't believe the next time i see you there will be one more!!! i miss you so so so much.

gilly said...

Happy belated 3rd birthday ella! You look fab mummy. I'll be back to blogging any day now and we'll catch up!

gilly said...

Happy belated 3rd birthday ella! You look fab mummy. I'll be back to blogging any day now and we'll catch up!

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