Friday, January 30, 2009

One week

At my doctor's appointment on Thursday, my doctor said all is well.  My cervix is a little open, but the baby's head has not descended, which doesn't happen in second and subsequent pregnancies until right before labor.  She thought it would be another week or ten days, though my due date was about two weeks away at that point.

One week!

The more I've done this week to prepare, the more real this third baby is becoming.  Joey and I are still chatting about names, though we have some that we're pretty sure about.  The little clothes are all washed and put away.

I don't think I'll be finished with the baby hat I'm knitting.

I need to pack.

I need more sleep.  I'm way too tired for it to be before having a baby.

Today, with the presence of some beautiful sunshine, we decided to take the kids to Ocean Park.  It was packed with tourists from the Mainland - pushing their way through the park - but we managed to enjoy our day despite the major crowds.  Apparently, having two children and being pregnant affords you no extra courtesy either.

We saw the pandas.

An An came right up to the window looking for food in this sack.  She made Ella a bit nervous coming up this close.  

The Giant Panda exhibit is still her favorite though.  Buddy loved it too - we saw the Pandas at the end taking a little dip in their pond.

We rode the cable cars over to the other side of the park.  It was great to get away from the hustle and bustle to enjoy this moment of peace, blue skies and a breathtaking view of our side of Hong Kong.

After muscling our way through the Atoll reef exhibit to see the sharks and deep sea fishes, Joey and Buddy played some games.  Joey did very well and won four stuffed animals - including a giraffe the size of Ella.  Exciting for the kids, not so good for clearing out space for the baby.  Oh well.  It was a fabulous day.  

As we waited for the valet driver to bring our car back to us, the kids and Joey played games with their new toys.  When Ella saw the car arrive she very loudly stated "What's that silly man driving our car?"  

I'll take all these days as I can while we wait for our new baby.  Speaking of new arrivals, keep your eyes on Emily and Gilly's blogs.  They have some exciting news of their own.


emily said...

oh, i love this last photo, the look of excitement on ella's face... i can only imagine the sheer joy she'll exhibit when she meets here baby brother or sister, in just a few short days, i am sure!!!!!

Shan said...

Your pregnancy has flown ... for me! Make sure you get that needed rest. I look forward to hearing the news. Thinking of you all. xoxo

Mich said...

Looking forward to the birth of my niece or nephew. I'll have my phone with me so you can call at any time with the news. How exciting! Love you all! :)

gilly said...

I'm so excited for you. thinking of you often even if i'm not getting round to actually writing the blogs and e-mails in my head. xx

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