Sunday, January 11, 2009

My sisters

It happens every time we're together. Life around us seems to become non-existent. We speak our own language, finish each other's sentences, laugh at things only we find funny. The three-headed monster (Joey's nickname for the three sisters) comes alive.

And it has always been this way. We have always been each others first friends when our other friends would come and go. We trust only in each others opinions - about hair, clothes, work, love and life - yet somehow we manage to maintain our own individuality. We are able to help each other see things for what they really are and at the same time be a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen when we vent. And we are lucky - not all sisters get along like we do.

I love to watch my sisters as aunts to my children and how they both - in their own way - encourage Buddy and Ella to be themselves. And how they love them for who they are. How they become extensions of - or in many cases - better versions of who I want to be as a mother.

And I love to watch my children when they are with their aunts. To watch how much they love their presence as well as recognize how important Emmy and PT are to their mother.

And then they leave.

And the three-headed monster is separated. Part of me goes dormant until the next time we see each other. We've all talked about it - the depression that follows after a visit together - and how hard it is to return to life as normal. And I feel fortunate to have a husband and friends who recognize the importance of my relationship with my sisters and know how miserable I'm feeling this week. And who are patient with me nonetheless.

But while I am apart from my sisters, I love that I get to watch a special relationship growing between Ella and Michael (and soon our new baby). They nurture each other, laugh at each other's silliness and speak their own language.

My hope is that when they reach adulthood, they too will become a three-headed monster when they are together and that they will always be each other's first friends, wherever their lives may lead them.


Shan said...

Yes, you are very lucky to have siblings that you get along with so well. What's the secret? I wish I had a sister. xo

Anonymous said...

aiya!!! make me cry...AGAIN! miss you so much. i have been feeling so anti-social. =( never gets easier. and yet...i wouldn't trade it for the world. whatever mum and dad did to help us cultivate our relationship, i do hope we can do the same for our kids.

funny you should mention joey though....cause i was just thinking how lucky we are to have hubbies who understand our craziness....they are neither jealous nor insecure but always supportive and encouraging of the relationship we have as sisters (despite the fact that they have to listen to us tell them how miserable we are when we leave each other.....=)) love you. xn

MER BAGS said...

aiya...i miss you guys so much. saw naem and jared for the first time since we have gotten back and naem and i are both still mis. i can't believe in 30 days you are going to have your own three headed monster!!! i love you so much.

Anonymous said...

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