Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Moo Moo Ear!

Actually, it's the year of the Golden Ox, but on Playhouse Disney channel, there is a little jingle that plays and the woman sings Happy Moo Moo Year. Ella likes to sing along but she doesn't quite say year. It's cute.

So, we're enjoying a week off school for our Chinese New Year holiday. The weather has been cold - which is pretty typical for Chinese New Year here. We've had lows reaching 8 degrees Celcius yesterday, which converted is actually 46 degrees Fahrenheit. While those of you living in America may think that it sounds really pleasant compared to the cold weather you've been enduring, I will say that it's pretty close to that same temperature inside too. We have no indoor heating, cold concrete floors and the sun hasn't come out in days.

Mind you, I'm not complaining. We've been laying low. Taking trips to the coffee shop. Snuggling on the couch and reading books. Ticking things off the list of things to do before our baby arrives. Ella's clothes now have a home in Michael's closet thanks to the handy dandy drawers we found at Ikea. We ordered the loft for their room yesterday and it will be delivered and assembled on Saturday. And Ella has been pyer free for four nights now. My maternity leave officially started today - a mandated two weeks before my due date. Having everyone at home with me has been a good way to start it.

And so now, we wait. I've still got little jobs here and there. I need to pack my bag for the hospital. I just made a gmail group of emails for Joey so he can send out word of the baby's arrival. I'm still knitting the baby a hat. Joey seems to have caught a bit of the nesting bug too - we picked a lamp for our living room and he hung our mirror above the altar table in the dining room.

Yesterday, Eva helped to wash some of the new baby things we received at my shower hosted by Meredith and Sylvia. We cut the tags off together and threw them in the machine. Late last night, I heard the squeak of the ironing board - way past Eva's bed time - so I went into the kitchen to investigate. There I found sweet Eva ironing all the little baby things - at that moment it was washcloths - to get them ready for me to put away in drawers. It made me realize how exciting this new baby will be for all members of the Nolasco household. I also know I need to leave notes if we go anywhere so she doesn't think we've gone off to have the baby. Two nights ago, when we came to my mum's for a Chinese New Year dinner, Eva arrived home from her day off to an empty house. She rang my hand phone to ask if we were all okay. Again, I was reminded about what a lovely person she is and how our lives are enriched by having her with us.

It really is turning out to be a Happy Moo Moo Year of the Ox.


janiece said...

Wow--good thing you have those two weeks off--sounds like you'll be busy! I hope it warms up some for you--I'm finding the older I get, the less I like the cold.

emily said...

i'm on pins and needles. i'll be checking for that email from joey CONSTANTLY for the next (let me see what your widget says...) TWELVE DAYS!!

anxious for photos of michael and ella's new room, too. LOVE YOU!

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