Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A baby due list

I have three days left of work before I'm scheduled to start my maternity leave. It's no secret that I've grumbled a bit about how the leave works here in Hong Kong. While it is quite generous to be given 10 weeks of paid leave, I was not happy about being told that I have to take 2 weeks off before my due date. With Michael, I worked right up to the day that I delivered. Ella came just before I was to head back to school after the Winter break. Why on earth would I want to sit at home and wait for who knows how long for our baby to arrive when I could be working?

People said it would be good to get some rest. People said I'd be able to use the time to prepare for the baby. I didn't really listen. Now that the time is here, though, I'm actually kind of glad that I've got the time before the baby. Next week is Chinese New Year, for which we get a week off of school. Not only will I start my leave, but I'll also be able to enjoy my family at home with me for one week. Then, when everyone goes back to school, I'll be able to enjoy putting Buddy and Ella on the bus in the morning and taking time to read, go for coffee, knit...and, oh yeah, get ready for the baby!

It turns out I've got quite a to do list in front of me. I've been nesting like crazy these last few days - just yesterday I moved all my shoes. Those of you who have visited us here know that space is limited. We have to think creatively about storage solutions and we've always got a bag on the go for the Salvation Army. Long gone are the days when we'd put things in the basement to think about later - we've really learned to live with less. And I like that.

So here are just a few things on my list...

  1. First and foremost, we have to get the baby's room ready. This doesn't mean a paint job for Joey as it did in the past - I haven't been fiddling with a decision about colors, etc. It involves something much bigger. We have to move Ella into Buddy's room. This means, we need to get rid of clutter - which I have been doing - and sort out sleeping arrangements. We think we may get bunk beds so the kids don't lose valuable floor - and playing - space. Overall, the two kids are excited about this move. We'll see how the sleeping actually goes when it all happens. Buddy has a new night light - Mr. Blue - because he was getting up in the night again. So far, we love Mr. Blue. He's been very helpful.
  2. Next on the list is no small task either. We have to wean Ella off her pink pyer. We've been down to one for several months now after the other pyer tore. When that happened, we showed Ella that we had to throw it away because it didn't work. She had been very frustrated that it wouldn't stay in her mouth when she sucked. We also told her that when the last one broke, she'd have to throw that away too. And, there are no pink pyer shops in Hong Kong. We've also been asking her if she'll give it up when the baby comes as she will be a big sister. She's been very agreeable. We only ever give it to her at naptime and nighttime. Just last week, I discovered a small tear. The baby will be here in only a few weeks. Does any one have any ideas???
  3. Dig out Ella and Buddy's baby clothes - the onesies, the layettes, the receiving blankets...and whatever else is in the hallway closet. My friends Sylvia and Meredith threw me a lovely baby shower where I received some new little things for the baby also. Along with some sweet clothes and hand-me-downs from Sylvia and Miles, this baby will be well outfitted. Once I dig them out, I'll need to wash them and put them in the drawers that are currently Ella's - oh, I'll have to empty those out first.
  4. Buy nappies, wipes, and some other things on the list for my stay in the hospital. It's a public hospital, so we'll have to provide some of these things ourselves. Oh, and some mesh pants for me...fun. And then I have to pack a bag. Keep the camera charged, etc. The doctor said today that I am officially full term today. If I feel any labor symptoms, I should come in - and fast!
  5. Put together a list of email addresses to give to Joey so that he can send word and pictures as soon as this bubba decides to come.
  6. Finish knitting the little orange pixie hat for baby #3. I'm enjoying it, but this may be a tall order.

In addition to these things, we have to keep doing what we normally do, which today included taking Ella to the doctor. Poor little girl woke up at midnight last night with a raging temperature and some congestion. Just before our alarm clock went off, she vomitted in our bed. Now, there's one way to prevent hitting snooze. Joey and I got right out of bed.

I also had my own doctor's appointment today - complete with ultrasound - to check the baby's size. Last week, the doctor thought the baby seemed small. This week, they took some measurements, and while the thigh bone is small, everything else is normal. Given the fact that Joey and I were small babies, the doctor felt confident that all was well. We may just have a little peanut of a baby. The scan showed the umbilical cord is also around the baby's neck, but I was assured this was no cause for alarm.

Yep. Two weeks before the due date will be good.


Anonymous said...

oh.....how exciting. i can't believe you only have few days left...wish i could be there to hang with you while you're taking your pre-baby maternity leave. was just about to email you about your last appt. so...the dr is not worried about the baby? will the umbilical cord sort itself out? alright...enjoy the kiddos! hope e feels better. give them a hug for me. love you. xn btw...what the hell are mesh pants?

Norbyah said...

like disposable undies. they're really stunning!

Shan said...

My my that is one list you have to complete before baby number three arrives on the scene. The time will fly - but do take some time rest. Maybe you could read 'Dirt Music!'?!

Becca said...

Wow! You are going to be a busy lady! Did Emily tell you that we tried to call you when I slept over a few weeks ago. We were both SO hoping we got do a Skype meet up. You are SO beautiful pregnant. You should be like a pregnant model....the ones that all the OTHER pregnant ladies swear at under their breath because they look and feel like water buffalo (that was me). And then most likely a week after the baby is born... you could just be a regular model ;)You look amazing. Best of luck with all of your preparations!

gilly said...

it's all soooo overwhelming isn't it? I'm slowly getting back to this computer. I'll be blogging again soon. That's my intention. visitors this weekend and then it's time to really settle into the new routine. I was going to ask the 'mesh pants' question too. love it.

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