Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh Christmas tree

The great Christmas tree expedition took place again this year. Golf cart in tow, we walked into the market with hopes of finding the perfect tree for 2008. We received the same stares as we do each year. What on earth would we wheel a golf cart into the market for?

Buddy found our tree this year. It didn't take long. It just so happened that the right one was in front. It was early on a Sunday morning, so not many people were out and about yet. The Christmas tree shop was just setting out all their trees. We arrived at just the right time. Buddy and Ella stood guard by our tree while Joey took care of the business of paying.

Ella tinkered with the golf cart while the men readied the tree for transport. First, they had to shake off the tree and ruffle its branches to get rid of all the loose needles. Then they tied it up with rope.

We made a pit stop by the beach for a Christmas card photo op. Joey has been wanting to take our Christmas tree to the beach for a picture for the last two years.

I'll put a picture of our fully decorated Christmas tree in a later post. Michael and Ella have been busy little helpers with Nining - each getting their own undivided Nining time. First, Buddy had a sleepover last weekend to help decorate her tree and flat and yesterday, Ella went over to make shortbread cookies. Naem and Jared arrive on Thursday evening followed by Grandad and Poochie the following week. Christmas is nearly here!

Here's hoping all of you are enjoying the traditions of Christmas with your families too.


emily said...

oh my goodness, your sisters are nearly there! i can't wait! i'm looking forward to seeing this awesome Christmas card... btw, keep your eyes on your mailbox for a couple of packages... i finally got my rear to the post office. you won't have to worry about being green machine-less when my little Godbaby arrives!!!!

Shan said...

It's so nice to look at all your photographs and know exactly how the locations fit into your life. Your children sure do have a very special Nining. Luke often talks fondly of her. Merry Christmas xo

Anonymous said...

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