Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nesting. And more.

My widget reads 10 weeks and 1 day to go! Are you kidding? Where has the time gone?

The Christmas season is here - I've got three shopping weekends left. Buddy's birthday party is this weekend, so I've been into Stanley Market to get some stuff for the goody bags. All the while, wherever I go, I'm always thinking of possible gifts for people. In the back of my head, I'm also thinking about what I need to clear out before birthdays and Christmas arrive. And in the way back of my head, I'm thinking about what we need to do before baby #3 arrives. It's dizzying, I know.

Last night, it all caught up with me. While my mum was over catching up with Buddy and Ella after a weekend in Vietnam, I hit Buddy and Ella's drawers to empty out more clothes that don't fit. How is this different than what I normally do you might ask? Well, for one - the huge mound of clothes included some really old and virtually unused items. Second, the pace at which I was doing all this was break-necking. I quickly sorted things into piles - general Salvation Army donations, Buddy's things for Theo and Emmett, a pile of Ella's things for my coworker's (and fellow knitter's) daughter and even two small dresses I found for my new neighbour Bridget's daughter. Phew!

All this was done so that I could fit in one new pair of jeans for Buddy and a few things for Ella (longer shirts and a pair of jeans). It's not often that I have to buy things for Ella - we've been fortunate enough to receive enough Didi and Lolly hand-me-downs to get us through. But cooler weather has changed things. We need sleeves and long pants these days.

So, you would think that all this nesting would actually help me then with Ella's school competition to make a hanging ornament. Um, no.

I tried my best to be crafty, but tonight was not my best attempt. We did accomplish one thing though - we are now officially in the Christmas spirit.

Down came these lovely homemade Halloween decorations and up went our Santa Claus door decoration.

Alright, now back to it. If the Christmas spirit is here, then we'd better get moving. Next we have to get our Christmas tree, followed by sending out Christmas cards and finishing up Christmas shopping. The fun stuff is just starting. E Em and Jared fly to HK in a little over 2 weeks! Then Grandad and Poochie.

Christmas is the time...to be with the ones you love (cue the Griswald Family Christmas movie music)... Oh, the traditions - I can't wait.
Postlude: My sister has reminded me of some of our old Christmas traditions so I think I'll list a few. First is the hilarious song that we made up as children to the tune of Jingle Bells, which we would sing on Christmas Eve (only to ourselves). I still remember all the words. Christmas time is a time to be kind and gay. Time to give and time to share the spirit of the day. Oh how cheesy. Last night, Buddy made up a Happy Christmas dance. Generally it is a lot of bouncing and smiling. Very cute.
Some newer ones - swapping names for stockings, watching movies like The Grinch, Griswald Family Christmas and my personal favorite, Love Actually...Mint chocolate M&Ms, reading Wombat Divine (each of us with our own parts) for the kids along with The Night Before Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Aiya...with all your pregnancy hormones have you forgotten our christmas tune? We'll have to teach it to Michael and Ella when we get there....so they can continue with the horrendous-ness of that song....=)
Anyhoozle...can't wait to see you! WE've got our tree up too! Even though we don't have much time to enjoy it.....there will be no grinch-y for us this year!

Norbyah said...

Oh yeah Naem. Buddy made up a Happy Christmas dance last night. Very cute.

emily said...

cute new "blog skin." (i think that's what "they" call them, and it kind of gives me the creeps.) i have so much catching up to do... i'm following too many darn blogs right now that i can't even keep up with the one that is most important to me!!! both boys are sick, the house is a mess, dave and i are at odds... it's been a bad week. i miss you. could use some girl time, perhaps a trip to h&m, or a long walk, or a sit in the cozy chairs at cool beans. thinking of you on your birthday. love you and miss you tons.

CheleTales said...

Happy Birthday! ....at least it's still your bday here in the States. :)

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