Monday, December 29, 2008

Highlights of Christmas 2008

With only a few more days left before the family begins to leave, I must resort once again to a post filled mostly with pictures.  The pictures speak for themselves - but I will just mention a few of the highlights of Christmas day.

First, with Ella quickly approaching 3 years of age, and Michael being 6, the two of them really
 understood what Christmas was all about.  Having just had Michael's birthday and anticipating Ella's in January, they could easily understand the discussion of it being Jesus's birthday as well.  More than that, the spirit of Santa Claus was very present in our house.  Watching the wonderment in their eyes on Christmas morning makes being a parent so fun.  AND, since we are divided into two households - my parents' and ours - we didn't open presents right away.  The kids went through their stockings and remained occupied - even after the rest of the family came and we ate a pancake breakfast!  They waited about 3 whole hours after waking up before touching their presents.  And they waited VERY patiently too, I might add.  I was very proud.

Second, having all the family together again under one roof made our Christmas very special.  As it always is in my family, we get more joy out of giving gifts than receiving them.  The actual opening of gifts can take quite a while when everyone wants to see the reactions of the receiver of the present.  This year, Uncle Jared's reaction at ours and Gooning and Grandad's joint gift was priceless.  We pitched in to buy him an iTouch.  He was speechless.  How fun.  

Third, my lovely husband, as grumpy as he can be sometimes and as difficult as I can make his life, still is one of the most thoughtful gift givers ever.  The gift I received from him made me feel so lucky and undeserving.  

There are many other moments as well.  I tried to capture them all with my camera so that I could remember them.  But, I tried also to enjoy them as well.  The food was delicious - Joey worked tirelessly (with some kitchen helpers) to produce an exquisite spread for our friends and family.  We had ham, lamb, roasted veggies, my favorite sweet potatoes and more.  

We had some guests again this year - as is a Tan (and Pearce) family tradition - to take in others who might otherwise have a lonely Christmas.  The Evans came over for a second year - their family has grown over the year with the addition of baby Miles.  Joey also spent several days before Christmas baking all our bread.  How does a girl get so lucky???

Anyhow, here my wordless and mostly pictures post has turned into a wordy one.  Hope all of you enjoyed your Christmases...wherever and whomever you were with.  

Have a Happy New Year everyone!


emily said...

you know i love having all of the photos to look at. your sisters, as always, look beautiful. i can't wait to hear about your gift from joey. i love you guys much, and i'm happy to read that your Christmas was merry, and spent in wonder of Jesus' birth and life, together under one roof. i miss you!

Putri said...

porks! it was such a beautiful day. i'm so glad you posted pictures of the yummy food joey made and pictures of how patient the kiddos were all day! i can look back whenever i miss you guys when i am back in nyc. love you.

Anonymous said...

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allil said...

Dear Norbyah again, after browsing through your blog, now I am very sure that Grandad is my ex English teacher at MJSC Kuantan, my Homeroom Advisor and also my Advisor at SIU Carbondale from year 1976 till 1981.. pls send him my regards.. all his Homeroom 'childrend' miss him so much and would like to have a reunioun. pls visit my FB at and reconnects me to Mr Tan. TQ.

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