Thursday, December 4, 2008

Do I smell six?

This morning, I got up early out of bed to compose myself for the day ahead.  Buddy had crawled into our bed early and Joey thought rather than fight it all night - given it was the eve of his birthday - it was best to just let him in.  This turned out to be a very wise decision on my hubby's part.  Little boy was so patient as he waited for nearly 45 minutes before I crawled out of bed.  He never once asked what time it was or bothered us to get up.  He quietly lay between us, rubbing his lip on his daddy shirt biding his time until we stirred.  When I got up, he rolled over to ask Joey what time it was.  When I heard his voice, I called him out to snuggle with me on the couch.

I grabbed a quiet moment with the lights off to connect with him before our big day began.  After wishing him a happy birthday, I asked him if he felt six.  He grinned and replied that he did.  Then he held up his hand and asked, Do I smell six?  I had to giggle.  Well, I replied, you were born in the morning so you only smell a little bit six...was my cheeky response.

From here, the morning became more chaotic.  In addition to the normal morning routine of getting dressed in school uniforms and eating breakfast, we had a few small presents to open and some overseas phone calls from E Em and Poochie to answer.  Eva came out of the kitchen with a lovely bouquet of lilies for me and packed Buddy some chocolate chip cookies she'd made for him to take to school to share as a birthday treat.

It was all a bit overwhelming for our little Ella - two birthdays, cookies, presents and phone calls - but none of it for her.  She clearly understood that it wasn't her birthday, but the commotion was stressful nonetheless.  So, when she demanded and cookie for breakfast and didn't get her way, she chucked a wobbly.

To sum this up so I can jump into bed, our day was perfect.  My students left me notes, sang for me, and my colleagues had chocolate treats for me.  Buddy had special birthday treatment during morning meeting.  We watched Daddy's basketball team win a game in overtime and we all went out to celebrate 6 and 34 at Pizza Express.

It doesn't get much better than this.  Thanks to all of you for your birthday wishes today.  


Anonymous said...

YAY! A birthday post!!!! i was hoping you'd write I could see and hear how your two birthdays went...=) So happy to see that Michael is just as snuggly at six as he was before...=) He's the best snuggler ever....wish it could last forever. Was hoping I could catch you again....but missed. Oh zee well. But...Happy birthday again! Hope 34 smells good!!! love you all! Oh...and how sweet of Eva to bake cookies for M. She's so lovely. xn

emily said...

i was reading this post earlier with theo on my lap, and he saw the photo of you and m and said, "mmmm, mama, there's michael!" mmmmm. indeed. so cute, i could just eat him up. glad your day was perfect (up until the vomiting part... hope ella is feeling better!!!)

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