Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tag back!

Better get this one done before it carries over into next month...

Here are the rules:

Tell everyone three things you like about yourself.
Tag three people to play along.
Go in peace.

This is harder than I thought.  It's far easier to think of three things I dislike about myself.  Why is that?
  • I take lots of photos.  I wouldn't call myself the most accomplished photographer, but I do capture the moment.  My favorite pictures are the ones that aren't posed.  They aren't just of people and places, and when you look at them, you remember why we were smiling or laughing.  You remember the conversation.  The memories.  To me, this is the most important reason to have pictures.  Unfortunately, I rarely appear in pictures.  Thank goodness my mother and sisters feel the same way about pictures as I do so when we're all together they make sure to snap some of me.
  • I like being pregnant.  Really!  I suppose it is mostly because I've been fortunate enough to have three good pregnancies.  I like my big round belly.  I like when people try to guess the gender.  I don't mind people touching my belly.  I love the look people get when they feel the baby kick.  I love how Buddy and Ella are about my pregnant belly.  It really is a miracle and a blessing to be able to grow a baby within my body - and then when the baby is born, to watch the baby grow bigger through my breastfeeding.  
  • Finally, I like my hair now that I've finally figured it out.  It may sound superficial, but after almost 34 years of life, I feel like it looks like I have some control over it.  It's thick and wavy and a killer to deal with when it's humid.  But with some help from my sister (who also suffers with the same hair), we've finally found some product and fallen into a hair care routine that makes me feel like leaving my hair down rather than always chucking it up into a ponytail.  I'm also fortunate to have a stylist over here in Hong Kong who gets my hair like Jodi in Madison did.
Okay, so there are three things. Perhaps not terribly deep and meaningful, but complete nonetheless.  So, I'm tagging Shan and Gilly to follow suit.  Have fun!

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