Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Please, please sleep.

And so it goes...

Sleep continues to elude us. It's no secret - Buddy has never been the best sleeper - stemming back to when he was a baby. We spent many heartwrenching nights listening to him cry it out and learn to put himself back to sleep. Believe me, that process was harder on me than on him. Especially when he got himself so worked up one night that he climbed out of his cot and crashed onto the hardwood floor! Fortunately, I never had to deal with this with Ella thanks to her pink pyer. If the new baby will take one, we'll use it again.

Now, we enter into a whole new stage of sleep deprivation. I told a story last week of Michael getting up early, getting dressed and ready for school at 12:20 am. Lately, he has been getting up at around 2:30 am (which is quite typical of him), and asking to crawl into bed with us. Most night, we've obliged, too tired to help him back to his own bed. This has been going on for some months.

This week, we've decided that we need to rectify this habit - especially since in two short months, we'll have a new baby sleeping (and waking) in our room with us. In the last two nights, it seems we've made several large leaps backwards rather than steps forward. Buddy has also become increasingly afraid of the dark. Having the vivid imagination that he does has served him well in many regards, but not in this one. He loves Scooby Doo with all its zombies, mummies, ghosts and monsters.
See what he did with a roll of tape last week? He mummified himself!

But at night, as darkness casts shadows on all things familiar, his mind wanders. Two nights ago, I was up with him for an hour, trying to ease his fears. He was clearly afraid, even explaining that his legs were wiggling - a sure sign of being afraid like Shaggy and Scooby. Last night, I lost count after getting up 7 times. He whimpered about being a scaredy cat and a chicken and wanted it to be normal like it was before he was afraid. Joey also showed him a small clip of the Thriller video over the weekend. The part where Michael Jackson turns into a werewolf (after Buddy had been begging to see it for three weeks since Halloween). I had to take down the paper planet he'd hung on his ceiling and also rummage through his closet with the light on to show him there was nothing there.

I must say, I think we've been remarkably patient given our exhaustion. And really, there's nothing else to do but ride it out. You can't get cross with a kid for being afraid. What's he to do about it? We keep reassuring him that things will get better - and silently, we've been reassuring ourselves that this too shall pass.


gilly said...

my god! well done! we're blessed with a brilliant sleeper (like ella by the sounds of it) I'd completely crack up if i had to get up 7 times in one night and then go to work?! fingers crossed the new bubbas are the sleepy kind! stick with HAS to improve. pop him on a treadmill for an hour before bedtime maybe. good luck. xx

emily said...

oh. no. i'm sorry. i wish i were there to help... we'd love to have michael for a sleepover... maybe sharing a room with theo might help? hey, how about that? do you think it might help to move ella in with him sooner than later?

Anonymous said...

seriously, nornie....i know how he feels. sucks to be you....but i used to crawl into bed with mum and dad ALL the time. and I was OLDER than michael. eventually dad's snoring drove me back to my trundle bed....but being afraid at night is the worst thing. not like it's changed for me either....but you know...emily could be right...maybe sharing a room with ella will help. and continuing to get rid of things that cast scary shadows. and having a funny book to read at night.....will think of other things that help me, but in the meantime give him a big hug for me....and tell him it's okay....cause he's not alone in feeling the way he does....xn

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