Monday, November 24, 2008

More planting.

An update...

Our tomato and pepper plants are thriving! It was time to transplant them to their own containers. We cut off the bottom of milk cartons and saved them so that each tomato and pepper plant could have a new home.

Ella was eager to start the transplanting process.

It was dirty work, so we moved outside to the island to fill our milk cartons with potting soil. Ella and Buddy enjoyed getting their hands messy. We even had some new seeds to plant.

It was a nice day spent together as a family. We were even color coordinated - quite by accident - green and grey seemed to be the colors of the day.

Gooning was also in on the green and grey. She came out to take a break from cooking our dinner to see how the planting was going. She came out to find that planting was finished and we'd moved onto making mudpies!!!

Have a look at these messy hands!

Oh, what fun!


Anonymous said...

oh what fun! love the mud pies....and love the picture of the four (+1) of you lovely you can spend the afternoon mucking around together...=) xn

emily said...

flip flops? shorts? t-shirts? it snowed here last night!! i miss you guys... ella looks so "big girl", so very little "baby girl." and you, my dear friend, look beautiful. that baby is getting big!!

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