Friday, November 14, 2008

knitting again.

It's been a while since I've had the bug for knitting.  Over the summer, our knitting circle was doing a joint project to knit squares for Miles's baby blanket.  It turned out pretty well, but since then I'd had no real itch to pick up the needles again.

Maybe it was the weather.  Maybe I was too busy.  But now, I'm back into it.  We had our annual Challenge by Choice day in which my mum and I run the Knitting Challenge.  As we prepared for it two nights ago - winding up little balls of wool, casting on stitches - I looked through my most recent projects to bring some to show.  I picked up Ella's purple cable knit hat and Buddy's turquoise sailor beanie.  I also brought along the bean bags I made and a shawl my mum had knitted for me.  

On Thursday evening, I picked out some wool to make this new baby a hat of his or her own and maybe some booties if I'm feeling ambitious.  After spending the day teaching students to knit, I'm ready to get back to it myself.  Seeing kids get excited when they figure out how to do it was enough to give me the bug again.  Meredith, a friend from my knitting circle group stopped by our session to get into the knitting mood as well.  

We have a knitting circle on Saturday.

Here are the squares that students have knitted over the last two years that we've done this Knitting Challenge.  You can see that I use the term "square" quite liberally.  They are all odd shapes, but it will be okay.  It looks like we need to start putting them together to make the blanket we'd planned to make to donate to a person who needs one.


emily said...

okay, how wonderful is this post?! first off, that picture of the ball of yellow yarn is killer. you look amazing. glowing! i wish i were there to see it for myself. i loved reading your message this a.m. on my spot... you know how connected i feel to you, too. how honored i am that dave and i will get to be special people in this newest little nolasco's life. i wish we were nearer, to be able to share more immediately all of the ups and downs that are in store for us both over the next few months. but, i've never felt closer to you, my sister-friend. i miss you tons.

Norbyah said...

i must confess...the first picture with the yellow ball of yarn is not mine. a student took it and it was on our school website. i thought it was great. so i used it....i love you too.

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