Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A hint of winter

In the last week, our weather has cooled off significantly.  From highs of 27 or 28 and lows of 24 or 25, we're now only reaching highs of 22 or 23 and lows of 17 or 18.  Buddy has already been bundling himself up in his long sleeves and track pants for school, but Ella has made do with just her blue school cardigan.  Until today.  At Mr. Ching's urging yesterday - he is our resident weatherman as well as adoring doorman - we dressed Ella warmly today.  She just received her winter uniform from school two weeks ago, but after the initial modeling of her new yellow tracksuits, she tucked them away and stated clearly, I not wearing this banana!

It took a bit of persuading to get her to wear her uniform this morning, but she finally agreed.

She really does look like a banana...and she got a bit silly too!

I can't imagine a school full of little ones wearing these bright yellow tracksuits.  At least they won't get lost in a crowd!


Anonymous said...

i can totally hear her declare that she won't be wearing that funny! i'm not sure i would have immediately thought....banana...but now when i look at her in that's all i see! how funny. love them. love you! xn ps mr ching....always so sweet!

Anonymous said... your new belly shot! you look fantastic! xn

emily said...

i'm not sure how pumped i would have been to put that banana on, either. however, it clearly looks much better "on" than it must have in the package. 84 days to go (give or take a week or two...) WOOO HOOOO! you look wonderful. with i were there to feel my little godson or daughter kick and spin!!

Becca said...

Hi Norbyah! Thank you for checking in on me. I feel like I know you too in a's nice to share that feeling with awesome friends like Emily that connect you. You look great! You are such a peanut of a pregnant lady.I hope you are feeling well. Your whipper snappers are cute as bugs and growing so fast! To answer your question about the video...they work...they just take a pretty long time to upload. Keep trying took me a few go's before I got it to work. All the best to you! Thanks for all of the comments :-)

gilly said...

you and bump look fabulous. Ella looks bright and colourful. A little banana like...but i'd never had thought of it if she hadn't said it!

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