Friday, November 21, 2008


I get a lot of comments from friends, neighbours and co-workers about just how much Ella is talking these days. I even remarked to Joey just the other night, how much she is speaking in longer sentences and conversing at such a mature level. It's amazing how she's developed. And with her own character!

So I thought I'd share some of the things she's saying - especially the ones that are uniquely her - with you. Try to bear in mind the Ella attitude in which many of these things are said.

When using the toilet, she'll often say, "little bit space." And out of the bathroom we have to go. Along those same lines, "I do it ALL BY MYSELF!" Don't even try to intervene.

When Ella smells something unusual she says, "Who poop-ed?"

She asks anyone who calls the house (most of the time it's Nining) "You come my house?"

If she's playing, coloring, having a tea party...and you try to get her attention or ask for a kiss, "I'm busy!!!"

She never leaves the house (especially when we go to the coffee shop on weekends) without a purse, her phone and her sunglasses. I always have my sunnies on so she generally wants to wear hers too. As soon as we get outside though, she may decide it's not sunny enough and say, "It's not hot" and will promptly take them off.

She's such a little performer too. Doing her little ballerina spins, singing her Cantonese school songs, even eating her dinner can be a performance. And she is a gracious performer at that. Just the other night when I told her what a good job she did eating her pork, she replied, "my pleasure" with her hand on her belly and bowing her head. I laughed and told her she was something else. "My pleasure," she responded in exactly the same manner.

Some Ella words and their translation:

Upsingdown - upside down

Shosh Mollish - nail polish

'got - forgot

I thought I'd better get some of these down before she stops saying them.

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