Monday, October 6, 2008

Skate or die

Being on our half term break has given us plenty of time to just hang out and have fun.  Joey and Buddy took the time to do some father and son bonding in the form of skateboarding.  Both of them got new skateboards when we were in LA this summer.  Since then, Joey has been helping Michael learn how to push along and balance with two feet on the board.  While he is very good on his scooter, doing the same thing on his skateboard is entirely different.  Last week, Joey offered him some useful advice: pretend you are on your scooter and hold your arms out in front. 

It worked!  He was so pleased with himself.  And once he'd figured it out, there was no turning back.

Check out the live action:

Oh, and Daddy still has a few tricks left in him too.


emily said...


this is great stuff.
theo watched the video with dave and i tonight, and wanted me to play it ten times over. he was excited to see michael in action.

i love that you have this new blog.

Anonymous said...

i agree...i love all the pics and the videos! so cool. and so great to see joey and michael skateboarding! what fun. xn

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