Monday, October 20, 2008

Pizza, pizza

Joey has always loved cooking. I hate to cook. So our relationship works quite equitably on many levels. Recently, he has developed a new obsession. He's on a quest to make the perfect pizza. Or at the very least to make his own pizza.

Step one: Have the right equipment. In a recent post, you saw the big box that Ella and Buddy were playing in. It came from the food processor he bought himself. He also purchased a pizza stone and a dough cutter.

Step two: Conduct research. In true Joey fashion, he has read online, bought some books, researched and made notes. This is one of the qualities of Joey that I admire most. When he wants to do something, he researches every aspect involved. He never goes into anything blind.

Step three: Practise! He and the kids made the dough for the crust on Saturday. On Sunday, he made the sauce and purchased good mozarella cheese and put it all together. We were the lucky guinea pigs.

To go with his delicious pizza, my homemaker husband made a yummy balsamic vinaigrette dressing from scratch to go on top of our side salad.  Ella loves to eat the dressing with our organic lettuce.  She'll usually chomp down on a leaf and say, "Whassat San?" (Translation: "What's up Doc?")  And Buddy - well, he's his father's son - he loves the dough.  He's requested a dough only pizza next time.

I am a lucky woman aren't I?


Anonymous said...

Yummo! That pizza looks fantastic! Can't wait to try one! xn

Anonymous said...

Trying to replicate Sam's pizza I hope. If you do, must be cut in squares. None of this triangle business!DMS

Shan said...

A man always looks so much more sexier cooking in the kitchen. xo

emily said...

love joey's haircut. pizza looks wonderful. too bad he wasn't working on this skill when he lived on martha. we would have signed up to be taste testers for sure! next time you are here, my kitchen is his. love you all.

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