Friday, October 3, 2008

Not again

I'll start with this happy moment with Ella a few weeks ago.  She was so snuggly and happy - giving kisses and hugs.  Telling me she loves me out of nowhere.  I just had to ask Joey to capture it.

Poor Ella is not happy now.  After a low grade fever last night, and an even milder fever this morning, I decided to keep her home.  Something wasn't right, but I just couldn't put my finger on it.  She started to complain of a sore mouth and I wondered if she could be getting another tooth - but wasn't sure if she'd be getting anymore.  Her fever was almost non-existent this morning, but had resurfaced, only slightly, by nap time.  She had a short nap (preceded by a dose of Children's Tylenol) and woke up in a chipper mood.  

By late afternoon, she was again complaining of a sore mouth.  We were at my mum's and she handed me back the biscuit I gave her after one bite saying oww.  I looked in her mouth to find her cheeks and the sides of her tongue covered in sores.  My heart sank with the dread of knowing what I thought she had.  I checked her hands and found little red spots.  There were also minute little red spots on the top of her right foot.  Almost two years ago, when Buddy was in pre-school, Ella got a nasty case of Hand Foot and Mouth disease.  The only reason I knew it was that was because Buddy's school had just sent us a letter home listing the symptoms and alerting us of a case at his school.  My doctor confirmed for me then what I heard again this afternoon.  Indeed, you can get it again (a different strain) and there is no treatment except to give her Tylenol or Panadol for the fever and pain.  

So we wait five days or so until her sores go away.  There is a chance that this case may be a little milder (she still has scars from the last case).  So far, I'm not convinced that it is - the sores in her mouth seem to really be hurting her.  She didn't have these sores last time.  She just woke up crying and I could really do nothing to comfort her - not even her pink pie-er seems to help.  I'd better get to bed - who knows what the night will be like.


gilly said...

poor little mite. Hopefully it doesn't hang around too long. Hope you both got some sleep.

janet tan said...

ahaaa-- now I am on! Jude-O says she used to use bonjela with her kids even when they were little and had sore gums from teething etc-- can you use something like that with ella? Would it help?
And she also said she had left a comment on your blog -- but i dont know that she did----I couldn't find it
This is fun- the blog- not Ella's mouth-- poor darling

emily said...

hope ella's feeling better today. got your message, sorry we missed one another, too. i ended up in a pretty deep political conversation with wendy. :) got your email and will take care of your target request this week, will get them and the elizabeth mitchell tunes in the mail! love you much.

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