Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fun in a box

...with thing one and thing two.

It never fails.  No matter what other toys are available, when there is an empty box in our house, we know we're in for endless laughter and good fun.  This box came from Joey's present to himself, which was a new food processor.  Buddy quickly got to work decorating it with pictures and letters.  He made believe it was the Death star and used it to hide things from Ella.

After a few days, Ella decided she wanted to have a go in the box.  Of course, since Michael had decorated it and spent time with it, he claimed it as his.  We thought we were in for another territory battle, and thought it best to make the two of them take turns in the box.  

Joey told them both that there wasn't enough room in the box for both of them.

Boy, did they prove him wrong.


Anonymous said...

just like us!!! except..considering there is no picture of them crying, it looks like they are better sharers than we were. Or it could just be that we had a smaller box. =) less room for us to navigate. Love the post! those two are just amazing! Can't wait to see the third. love you guys...and SO glad joey got a food processor! what's he cooking? xn

emily said...

was thinking to myself, "man, that must be a HUGE food processor!" also curious to see what he cooks up. miss the days when i could look out my kitchen window and watch him with his wok/grill in the driveway.


CheleTales said...

Love it! I remember playing in refrigerator boxes. Cheap entertainment.

Also reminds me of the time my sister fell asleep in a box when she was about your kids' age and no one could find her. The whole neighborhood join in the search only to find her asleep in the box in my parents' closet.

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