Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ella's school report

Ella got her first progress report from school on Friday. From what we can see at home, she has made a good transition to pre school. She loves going, she sings Cantonese songs at home and she's even teaching Joey how to count up to ten in Cantonese.

We couldn't be more pleased with the school she's going to. Ms.Wong calls us frequently to remind us of upcoming events or to turn in a parent slip or even to give us an impromptu parent conference. I admire how hard she works. Thanks to Ms.Wong and Ms. Lao (her other teacher who is the bus mother on her bus home), Ella is even wearing underpants all day at school too!

They send home a weekly update in the form of a school book which denotes how Ella does with listening, playing with peers, etc. It also includes announcements and important curriculum information about what she's learning each week. Most important is her cleanliness report. If she stays clean and dry she gets a red rabbit stamp. If she doesn't, it's a blue rabbit. So far, Ella has come home with 5 red rabbits each week!

On Friday, Ella got a full two page Learning Progress Assessment report in addition to her normal booklet update. On it, she was scored on a spectrum of faces for how well she meets the criteria. Frowning face is cannot and laughing face is all. In between is a smiley face for most. All her scores fell in the top two ratings. Now, since this is a Cantonese school, we sometimes get interesting translations in our parent updates. Ella's assessment report was no exception.

Let me share some of the highlights of Ella's report...
Laughing face marks for:
Able to express the needs of wearing clothes and going to toilet
Able to listen attentively to stories and then discuss briefly
Able to turn over books
Able to kneel down, stand up with closed, front and rear feet
And here are some things we'll be working on at home (only a smiley face):
Able to make paper lantern, group stick and appreciation card
Able to observe the moon
* * * *
Joey and I have failed as parents - clearly we didn't place enough emphasis on observing the moon in her early years!!!


emily said...

what is a group stick?! love your new baby countdown widget.

Norbyah said...

not sure. but we've scraped abc's and numbers...we're hardcore moon watching these days!

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