Sunday, September 28, 2008

Without Joey

As I write this, Joey is on his way back from the airport after a four day stay in Manila.  He went as the JV baseball coach to participate in a tournament with some other baseball teams in the Philippines.  

I'm not going to launch into a post about having to rough it alone.  I know better than to say that I was alone.  I had Eva with me (what on earth would I do without her) and my mum and dad were both around to lend a helping hand and a needed distraction for my two little ones who so desperately missed their father.

I will say this - I'm exhausted!  And, I missed Joey.  I missed his companionship and the security I feel knowing he is here.  I did, however, enjoy a lovely weekend with my babies.  Buddy decided he'd be the daddy for the weekend, though by Friday he said he just wanted to be Buddy.  

But he was a sweet boy and he was the daddy.  Today, when my mum called three times to ask when we'd like to be picked up for a swim and dinner, Buddy answered the phone.  He explained that his sister was still napping and he didn't know when she'd wake up.  He also explained that Gooning couldn't talk to me either because Mummy needs to rest (I had fallen asleep while he watched TV).

And I had many moments like the ones I captured in these pictures - secretly watching Ella and Buddy love, play together and entertain each other.  (Buddy was performing a puppet show that he made at school called Oh Lovely Mud).  I just know that when baby number 3 arrives, our lives won't be turned quite as upside down as when Ella came because they will have each other.  
And before you get the idea that it was all rosy between them, I will just say that I had all the usual battles to negotiate, too.  But, aren't they sweet?


Anonymous said...

Oh my! How sweet! What a lovely lovely post...Michael is such a wonderful little boy. Just as sweet and sensitive as he was when he was Ella's age. Can't believe how much and quickly he is growing. And I LOVE the puppet show picture. What a lovely thing to have captured. love you buggers...xn

emily said...

they are. so sweet.

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