Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Before I write a post about seeing my baby's face today, I must first share this picture.  Our friends Sylvia and Jeremy (who have Eva's sister Dulce with them) welcomed their first child on September 8th.  It is so sweet to watch Jeremy gush over his new son and embrace his new role as father.  

And Sylvia is just glowing in motherhood.  We're both excited at the prospect of future play dates and I even have been given some of her maternity pants to borrow.  Pregnancy and motherhood are such special times and I'm glad I've got a friend to share this with over here since I had so many pregnant friends around me for my last two.  It's so important to feel like you have someone who understands what your going through - to not feel alone.

On the night that Miles was born, Joey and I reflected on our own experience as new parents with Michael almost six years ago.  The wonder of a new life, looking at your child's face to see who he looks like, the eager anticipation of what lies ahead.   And when I held Miles, I felt that wonder all over again. Excitement at the thought that I would get to hold one more tiny baby of my own and get to know a new little face and marvel at what lies ahead for us.


gilly said...

It's exciting stuff isn't it? I don't feel like we've really had a chance to think about what's ahead with this pregnancy the way we did with the first.

Norbyah said...

you're right. i remember when i was pregnant with ella, i had to keep reminding myself of that. i was too busy chasing around my 2 1/2 year old. i think that's why we found out the gender with her...i felt unprepared.

emily said...

how beautiful baby miles is! i can't wait to read about your ultrasound, i'm hoping you can share the picture. love you so much, my fellow mama-to-be (x3!!!!)

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