Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lanterns and the moon

In the fall of each year we've lived here, we've celebrated the Mid Autumn Festival - also called the Mooncake Festival. The holiday is lunar, dependent on the full moon each September. Locals and expats alike mark the occassion by heading down to the beach with lanterns, glow sticks, candles and refreshments so that we can view the full moon. 

This year our Lantern night was a steamy one, but fun nonetheless. Ella and Buddy had little lanterns that Joey's co-worker Pion had helped buy for them. We made the mistake last year of getting the modern version of a lantern which is just an inflatable toy with a light and very loud music. This year, we opted for the more traditional version, similar to the ones I had as a child. The only difference is that these days, you buy them with batteries and a light bulb, whereas in my day we had to light a small candle inside them. They are usually constructed of wire and colored cellophane into traditional shapes like fish, animals and even fruit. 

Ella had a little pink starfruit while Michael had a fish. 
They loved them and so did we.    

Earlier in the week, Ella had a school project to construct her own lantern - with parents' help. At the same time, Michael had an assignment as well - decorate a paper bag and fill it with 5 things that tells something about him. Joey and I were in super-parent mode with two kiddo homework assignments in one week. We were challenged. Creativity is not my forte, but you will be pleased to note that we were successful. Michael had a good show and tell with his bag (decorated with pictures and letters) and filled with things that really did share something about him - a chapter book, a picture of his family, and a crayon to show he loves art. AND these were his own ideas.

Yesterday, Ella arrived home with a present awarded as a prize for her lantern and a little ribbon attached to the lantern itself. I was quite chuffed. For all the times I've felt like a disappointment as a mother (forgetting to send Michael in the proper shoes for PE or returning library books late), here was validation that I'm not too bad either!


Anonymous said...

Wow...that's brilliant! Good job Martha Mayhoo! And the kiddos are SOOO cute! I just can't believe how quickly they grow....Ella seems to look older in every shot! xn

emily said...

ooooh. i love reading about what you guys are up to, especially when it includes such adorable pictures. i had the greatest day yesterday, and i can't wait to tell you all about it. i met a little boy at qp elementary school on the west side who attended HKIS and lived in stanley for a few years! (we had a lot to talk about!!)i'm thinking of you and your THREE little ones every single day. how are you feeling, mama???

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