Monday, September 29, 2008

Joey meets Eva's family

In Joey's own words...

Hi All,

While in Manila I had the chance to meet Eva's family.  They drove 3 1/2 hours (due to traffic) to meet me and it was very special.  They came to watch our JV team play and they brought us some luck as we won our first game of the year 6-1.  Her daughter Trisha is beautiful and I was happy to meet her husband Jo-Jo who was apparently a bit nervous even about what he should wear when we met.  I also met Eva's sister Dulce's husband and son (Dulce works for our friends Jeremy and Sylvia).  They were nice enough to bring me a huge fruit platter and four large coconuts which I shared with the team and the staff at the dormitory.  We had a great weekend of baseball made even better by getting the chance to meet Jo-Jo and Trisha.  

The first picture is of Jo-Jo, Trisha, Vince (Eva's nephew) and me.

Love to you all.


JoJo, Trisha (TJ), Vince and Joey

Joey, TJ and Vince

Joey with JoJo, Bobby, TJ and Vince

Joey's baseball boys share the generous fruit basket that JoJo brought.

Joey kept telling me how everyone in the Philippines is so nice, like all the lovely domestic helpers are here.  He said that Bobby and JoJo were so appreciative of how we'd taken care of their wives.  But, we are the ones who are indebted to them for giving up so much to take care of our family.  This was a special weekend.


Anonymous said...

It's so nice that Joey was able to meet Eva's family. I know this isn't something that happens all that often, so I can understand how special this meeting must have been. How kind of them to have brought that basket of fruit. Thanks for sharing, was a very very lovely post. xn

emily said...

what an awesome surprise! and so great to see photos of eva's family... i can only imagine how special it was for joe to meet all of them. i'm thankful that your families have the other, to take care of one another in so many special ways.
and, another suprise... that photo of joey: can't believe that big uniform shirt actually fits him!!!

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