Sunday, September 14, 2008

a boy's life

there comes a time in a young boy's life when suddenly life just gets cooler.  (i'm making a big assumption on this one - i'm girl with only sisters).  for buddy, this day was yesterday.  it was family movie night and joey decided, after much deliberating, that buddy could finally watch a big boy movie - star wars.

buddy has a handful of action figures from joey's childhood (princess leia, han solo disguised as a storm trooper), a hand-me-down darth vadar costume and mask and even a tie interceptor spaceship he got for his birthday last year.  he's asked endless questions about the movie and joey's told him bits and pieces - enough to put his toys in a context.  earlier in the year, joey started showing buddy clips from the movies.  a clip of luke skywalker, chewbacca, the millenium falcon, R2D2 and....darth vadar.

now finally, buddy has watched the movie.  joey was on hand to answer questions - there were many.  this morning at the breakfast table, as buddy was drinking his milk, he was quick to point out how he could make the same sound as darth vadar by simply breathing into his cup while he drank.  

this afternoon, he put on his darth vadar costume with a whole new attitude.

i'm not sure what was more fun - watching buddy's imagination grow or watching his father grin as he watched buddy's excitement and reminisced back to his own childhood.


Michelle said...

When Michael asks Ella to be Princess Leia, because I know he will, call me because I have experience in that area. :)

Thanks for sharing. Love ya!

emily said...

these photos of michael are fantastic. i loved the update. what a big kid.

Anonymous said...

what a sweet sweet photo of michael...that face is just precious....oh how i miss him! he's growing up so fast!

Putri said...

eh poks! the new website looks so great! i can't wait to see more posts. i love the bit about ela. you naughty!

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