Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mad About Plaid, Mad About Pants

So, my pants craze continues. You might even say it's an obsession. I'm such a skirts and dresses girl that now I don't know who I am anymore!

I picked up this awesome plaid pair of pants this Christmas from my favorite Etsy shops Retro Rhapsody and Small Needs, both curated and run by my girl Kenia. She just gets my style, always.

I think my favorite thing about them is that while they look like solid pair of wool plaid pants, they're actually quite lightweight. I also love that they are high waisted and cropped right at the ankle, so on trend right now. Vintage for the win!

I decided to go for a more rocker edgy vibe with this look by pairing it with my leather choker from The Mauve Hour and my new-to-me leopard print heels (didn't I say I loved these?) I realise looking at these pictures that I've got a lot of different fabrics and textures happening, which was my intention. Even the clutch is tweed. The only texture missing is a bit of silk or lace, don't you think?

The whole ensemble reminded me a bit of the rocker edgy vibe of Alexander McQueen's designs, minus the lace. I really like the idea of leather and plaid together (see another post I wrote about that here). My second hand Monki sweater gives my look a bit more of a whimsical touch, though. I'm good with that.

By the way, how fabulous are these dresses?

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