Monday, March 2, 2009

My last...

...bump photo taken 3 weeks ago today!

We look more like this now.

My life is so full now - surrounded by my three beautiful children, each unique in their own special way.  And when I look at my wonderful husband these days, I think about this gift of motherhood that he gave me and I love him more than ever.  


Anonymous said...

Omigosh....i love that last photo with all three of the kiddos in their white tops. It captures their ages perfectly.

Michael actually reminds me of joey in his hanes top...hanging slightly loose with his long, lean arms poking out.

Ella....well...she still has that beautiful toddler tum tum that I so love....

And cally...well...she's just a bundle of white cloth.

Very sweet! Fitting that you are wearing a white singlet too. =) xn

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