Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Scooby in action

 Here is some more Pumpkin Festival fun.  Buddy entered a pumpkin rolling competition with a pumpkin that wouldn't cooperate.

Here is Scooby and the runaway pumpkin.


I've got a video of Ella - as Lumpy -  finding her call.  So far, I've had no success uploading it here.  I think it may be a bit too long.  Never fear, I'll try to put it on you tube and attach the link for you.  Stay tuned.  In the meantime, enjoy this one.  It's so cute.


Anonymous said...

OMIGOD!!!!!! That is BLOODY HYSTERICAL!!!!! It totally made me cackle!!!! What a great way to pick up my spirits! He totally looks like a little scooby rolling his pumpkin...wagging tail and all! Will be coming back to this entry often...and will replay that video over and over and over again! love it. xn

Anonymous said...

Having seen it for the fourth time....I realize what a sweet and meticulous little pumpkin roller he is. Roll by roll...bit by bit...somehow doing it with the gentleness that I so often see in Michael....

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