Wednesday, October 29, 2014

If my mum were a blogger

She's figured out some blogger poses of her own, my mum.

Digging into her purse.  A good pose bloggers standby to look natural.  I must do it a fair bit because you may recall that Little Cally used it too.

Mostly, my mum is fond of the looking up pose.  Sometimes, I catch her off guard and this is her really being natural.  She often notices the little things we overlook.  It's really lovely.  In the first shot, you'll see she was ready with her iPhone to capture the sunlight as it was setting over the trees that afternoon.

She yucks it up, as all my kiddos do, doing silly I'm a Norbyah poses when I'm taking the test shot so she'll know what to capture.  I really must do this looking up thing quite regularly.  I'll have to examine this further.

Dressed up for an end of year skit.

And, most of all, she's definitely unique and bold.  Which is exactly why we all adore her.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Dressing up with UGG Australia

Do you know what's more fun than dressing up myself?

Well, dressing up my little girls of course!

Two weekends ago, my girls and I had the opportunity to do just that.  Plug PR sent over the UGG Australia sample boot styles for girls, we browsed the list and they sent over two super fun pairs for us to style up. These Bailey Bow ones in peacoat with the purple ribbons and a sparkly sequinned red pair.

Having seen me do this recently myself (the Baglady Basics lookbook, Jack Wills x Sisters in Vintage HK), the girls were super excited to pick out some fun outfits from their own clothes.

We made sure they looked like what girls should wear (nothing bothers me more than little girls dressing like sassy teenagers), including this addition of Minnie Mouse ears by Cally.

We had a little picnic lunch at our secret beach in Turtle Cove and snapped the first two looks.  The sun was beaming, which made wearing fur-lined boots not so conducive to picture taking, but Little Miss Cally was all smiles, regardless.

My big girl tried her hand at styling the red sparkly uggs.  Unfortunately the sample size didn't fit her, so she took charge putting together the last two looks (laying them out, considering all options).  She did pretty well!

Oh what fun it is to pose and be silly.

Little girl poses are the best.  This one is the "I'm just going to pretend I'm at ballet."

And Cally picked up a few from me (just from her own observation).  When she put this red purse on, she said I have to pretend I'm taking something out of my purse.  And put my sunglasses on.  What a little shriek she is.  Walking was not her favorite thing to do. Can you see her feeling awkward smirk in the bottom two pics?

The only downside to our fun shoot was having to give the boots back, but the girls new it was fun to just play for a day.  They're looking forward to playing dress up again.  Any casting agents out there want to play dress up with us?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

What's your favorite color?

Quite unintentionally, my go-to colors of choice lately have been red, white and blue.  It started this summer when it felt very summery and on trend for the nautical look, but now it has kind of stuck.

I don't know why I used to shy away from this color combo before.  Maybe it was because for me, the idea of wearing red, white and blue together reminded me too much of Fourth of July.  Living in America before coming to Hong Kong taught me that Americans are very patriotic.  They love their Independence day celebrations.  Such pride in their nation is part of what makes them great.  But, I'm not sure I always share in that same need to show patriotic sentiment in my outfits (huge summer sales, flag Ts at Old Navy, etc).

Don't get me wrong, I love Fourth of July.  I wrote about it here.  Not being American, however, makes me feel self conscious about wearing these typically patriotic colors.  I'm not French, either and these colors are also quite patriotic for our French friends, too.  I guess I don't want to feel like I'm draped in a flag or something.  Like I'm an imposter.

But now, what draws me to these colors is the very sense that they remind me of summer.  They're fresh.  Clean.  Bright.  Timeless, even.

I found this vintage dress over the summer on Etsy (Wanderlust -handmade & vintage is called wanderlustmobileshop), right around the Fourth of July when it was listed as the perfect dress for celebrating that holiday.  I snapped it up, took it to my seamstress to have her cut off the cowl neck collar, and voila! 

An outtake.  There was a fly buzzing near my face and my mum snapped the pic.

I think this dress will transition nicely into the cooler weather with a navy cardigan and navy or grey tights.  A lovely fresh summer feel for all year round.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Insta-weekly: Life continues

Well, life just keeps getting busier.  This week is an odd one with the hubby and two kids away on school trips. While I will miss them all, I will not miss running around to various activities, picking up gifts for birthday parties, sitting with homework every night, etc.  I wish life could be that quiet with them all home.

Here's a peek at my Instagram feed. Follow along @imanorbyah

Grey wool dress #liftdoors #ootd

Spirit week in the MS - hippie day

My hood at dusk #mystanley

Celebrating love on the Love Boat junk with #thebohemians

The sad story in Stanley Market

Just the bottom

All three together one last time until Friday

Wan Chai wandering with the big girl

I have dibs on this one

Cally wears uggs for UGG Australia in a little Turtle Cove shoot. Thanks Plug PR!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Secondhand style

I won't lie.  I get a little thrill when someone discovers that the outfit they've just complimented is actually secondhand.  I love the surprised looks and the but you look like a million bucks comments, too.  It's a bit like validation that those garments still have a lot of wear, I suppose.   

Take this outfit, for example.  The skirt came from Swap and Shop HK and the necklace came from last week's Get Redressed Pop Up.  Even though the two events were a few weeks apart, it was like the two items were made to be worn together.  What luck!

Both the necklace and the skirt had signs of wear, as you would expect for any secondhand clothing.  But that has never deterred me from wearing any secondhand item.  There's nothing a few stitches, a hot glue gun, or even a bit of marker can't fix.

I'm serious.  There were a few white spots on my skirt where the material had worn a little.  I borrowed my son's bronze sharpie and voila! (Truth be told, I did the same thing to a scuff mark on my blue pony hair flats on the same day, only with blue marker).

It was such a fun skirt to wear, why not keep it in good shape?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Feel Good Fashion: Events

As a self professed supporter of local designers and boutiques and eco-friendly fashion initiatives, I want to highlight some cool events happening in Hong Kong right now.

First is the Redress HK Pop Up shop taking place today and tomorrow at Pizza Express in Wan Chai, near Star Street.  I attended a preview event on Thursday and snapped up some awesome second hand items that you'll see me styling up in the coming weeks.  If you have any time at all, you must stop in at this pop up event.  Not only will you snag some cool new-to-you pieces, but this is a worthy cause to get behind anyhow.  Read more about Redress HK and their initiatives here.

Next, Polkadot Boutique just celebrated their third anniversary this weekend and will be hosting some cool events in the next few weeks.  On October 22nd is a Style Session (please go to their Facebook page to RSVP) and on October 29th is a Sip and Shop with Emi and Eve, who I wrote about here.

On Friday, I popped into the opening of Carmen Chan Jewelery's new Carry Art collection of art clutches done in collaboration with artist Ryan San.  The opening was held at the Art One gallery and highlighted her clutches as well Ryan San's art, complete with a live art demonstration.  This exhibition is on until October 18th and her art clutches are available online.  It's always lovely to catch up with Carmen.

Finally, I've got my own event I'm working on for the month of November in collaboration with Baglady Basics.  Stay tuned right here for some Baglady outfit posts and more news of this event.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Occupy Insta-weekly

I've been totally consumed by our news last week in Hong Kong. The movement is inspiring, to say the least and more than that, it marks a true historic moment in Hong Kong. We'll never be the same after last week, regardless of the fact that the movement is petering out now.

Here are some of the images (some mine, some shared from other sources) of the Umbrella Revolution as they appeared on my Instagram feed last week.

A jarring image to wake up to on Monday morning after the violence of Sunday night with tear gas and riot police.  (source: Huffington Post)

Wandering through Causeway Bay on Monday.

Seen on the bridge between Central and Admiralty.

Umbrellas help shield against heat as well as tear gas.

The students march.

A plea for police to remain non-violent.

Yellow ribbons and little yellow doves stamped along the road.

A wet Tuesday night. (source: Hong Kong Democracy Now)

More yellow ribbons in Central.

A peace sign out of yellow ribbons seen Sunday when I went again and brought the girls.

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